Patricia has just returned home from her mother’s funeral.
Patricia opens her front door, walks directly to the backyard of her house with its beautiful scenic view of the city. She is standing there, enjoying the fast-moving clouds as well as the view of the city.

She remembers the day when she and her mother were sitting on her deck. They were talking and laughing about some of the funny and unusual things that they have experienced. Her mother held her hand lovingly and told her how much she loved her and how God had blessed her with a very special and beautiful daughter.

Patricia touched her mother’s hand gently and pointed to her mother's home, and they both smiled in recognition and recalled the many memories they enjoyed while she was growing up.

Now, she is sitting on the same deck without her mother. Her husband John is watching her from a distance.

John remembered that during the last days of his mother-in-law's life, she was shaking and crying most of the time. Her mother was a loving mother. She did everything for Patricia and her brother.

Her husband could understand what she is going through. It was very difficult for the entire family.

God watches and listens to their prayers. One day, her husband’s friend, Joyce brought the book “Our Pathways to Eternal Life”, as a gift to him.

Joyce said, “John, please read this book. You will understand about eternal life and how people cope with difficulty in their lifetime and experience the goodness of God. God is able to do many things that we can’t imagine.”

“John, this book will be available in audio books, bible series. This is the introduction of a series,Preparing for Eternal Life.”

After reading the book, John feels enlightened and is able to see with clarity a new pathway for himself in coping with his wife's grief as well as his own.

He was so thankful to God for helping him and his entire family.

Joyce was holding back her tears while she observed Him helping members of her extended family.

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